End-to-End Test Solution

Payment Authorization

The Payment Authorization lifecycle takes only seconds, hiding behind many layers of complexity and multiple entities to secure a transaction. CleverIS Payment End-To-End Authorization Test solution can help you fulfill all test needs – from the Channel and Merchant to the Issuer Bank. Test Faster, and Better while reducing your testing costs.

CleverIS Payment End-To-End Test Solution


Whether you are a merchant, retailer, acquirer bank, processor, card network or issuer bank – we have a solution for you.


Simulate the entire payment authorization lifecycle, without the dependency on other stakeholders and take control of your payment authorization test environment.


Automatically generate payment test data for any channel, and any message format and protocol to fulfill the compliance and card network standards required to fulfill the many testing needs of your payment system.


Quickly adapt your test environment to accept the latest normative and regulation changes.


Define as many entities as required by your test plan including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Diners Club®/Discover®, and more.

Capacity Planning

Be ahead of the game and understand the limitations of your payment authorization environment. Automatically generate payment requests to find out the bottlenecks and limitations before they happen.


Completely control your test data from the channel, merchant, acquirer bank, processor, and card network to the issuer bank. Edit, add, change and delete test data to ensure test coverage and quality.