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The digital payment environment is making consumers more sophisticated and demanding where multi-channel, mobile, eCommerce and social shopping greatly accelerates buying decisions. The ability to provide response time, availability and channel diversity is essential to successfully secure payment transactions.

CleverIS Merchant Testing Solution

Merchant, retailers and acquire banks are challenged with a diversity of existing and new channels that are needed in order to test and process payment transactions. The ability to quickly adopt and test multi-channel payment authorization requests is pivotal to ensure consumers can successfully submit and finalize transactions with the card network of their choice. CleverIS Merchant and Channel testing payment solution offers a multi-channel testing environment, with automatic channel message generation for any card network and with no manual intervention.

  • ATM, POS, ISO8583, XML, non-card and more.
  • Messages can be generated and monitored for a complete test environment.
  • Encryption and tokenization can be added to any message being generated.
  • Transactions are monitored to ensure performance measurements are met and payment transactions are submitted at the interval required.
  • Alerts can be defined to identify possible payment execution test failures.
  • Automated generation of payment transactions for any channel and card network.

Here is where your Payment Authorization Application is in the lifecycle. Whether you are a merchant, retailer, processor or acquirer bank, CleverIS Merchant and Channel testing solution will automatically generate and send authorization request transactions with multi-channel formats of your choose at the speed and frequency required.

  • Become agile by executing daily tests or as often as needed.
  • No channel dependency, no card network dependency.
  • Test your payment environment and understand the transaction processing limits and performance.
  • Monitor response time during tests and understand if your payment application is slower than pre-defined threshold limits.

Take control of a complete payment authorization testing environment, without any dependencies and downtimes.

Discover the power of CleverIS Payment End-To-End Testing Solutions. Whether for an Acquirer Bank, Card Network or Issuer bank or all – we have a solution to fulfill the needs of your testing environment. Don’t delay your tests, extend your possibilities. Ask for a demo Today!

  • No dependency with a complete payment authorization test environment.
  • Add, change, delete test case data and have complete control of the scenarios you want to test.
  • Payment transaction authorization lifecycle available 100% and under your control.
  • Execute test cases as needed, with clean data and no latency.

Your payment authorization application receives the authorization request for further processing with approval or denial of the payment authorization request.

CleverIS Merchant Testing solution offers a solution for all your needs. From automating channel payment authorization requests to providing a complete and independent test environment. CleverIS Merchant Testing solution will help you fulfill all your payment testing needs.

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