Issuer Bank

Issuer Banks

Issuer Banks are the issuers of branded payment cards to consumers and play a very critical role in the payment authorization request lifecycle. Through the validation of card numbers, expiration dates, frozen accounts funds, etc., authorization requests are approved or denied. The ability to create a strong Payment Authorization Testing Environment is critical to ensure authorization payments are done correctly and in a timely manner.

CleverIS Issuer Bank Testing Solution

Issuer Banks are at the end of the payment authorization request lifecycle, finalizing the approval or denial of the payment authorization request. CleverIS Issuer Bank Testing Solution creates a complete testing environment necessary to validate and ensure authorization requests can be tested entirely – from any channel, to any card network affiliation.

  • Generate payment authorization requests for any channel and any card network.
  • Change test data as required by your testing needs.
  • Understand if response times are within acceptable boundaries.
  • Find out the limits of your payment authorization environment before it becomes an issue.

Your payment authorization application receives payment authorization requests from CleverIS Issuer Bank Testing solution at the speed and frequency required to successfully test your payment application.

  • Transactions are monitored to ensure performance measurements are met and payment transactions are submitted at the interval needed.
  • Alerts can be defined to identify possible payment execution test failures.
  • No manual or environment dependencies. All payment authorization levels are under your control.

Finish the payment authorization lifecycle and let CleverIS Issuer Bank Testing solution ensure authorization messages returned by your authorization application are correct and verified.

  • Verify if payment authorization response reply messages are returned as expected.
  • Add, change, and delete test case data and have complete control of the scenarios you want to test.
  • The payment transaction authorization lifecycle is available 100% and under your control.
  • Execute test cases as needed, with clean data and expedite the testing of your payment authorization system.