Card Networks

Card Networks

Card Networks are often responsible for linking the four parties (four party payment system) involved in each payment authorization request. Consumers or cardholders, issuing banks, merchants and acquiring banks are linked together through a card network brand such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and others. CleverIS Card Network testing solution helps you fulfill the many complex needs the card network testing environment requires.

CleverIS Card Network
Testing Solution

CleverIS Card Network Testing Solution smartly simulates the test environment needed to test your card network authorization application. From the consumer, merchant or acquirer bank, authorization transactions are created without the need of manual intervention or dependency on other stakeholders – at the speed and frequency required to fulfill your testing needs.

Your card network application. CleverIS Card Network testing solution sends automatically generated payment authorization request transactions directly to your card network application at the speed and frequency required.

  • Alerts can be defined to identify possible payment execution test failures.
  • No manual or environment dependencies. All payment authorization data is under your control.

CleverIS End-to-End test solution simulates any issuer bank by receiving all authorization requests sent by your card network application, executing the authorization and returning the request. The entire verification and approval process is executed with pre-defined data built to completely create a testing environment simulating the issuer bank.

  • 100% control of testing data for all and any type of authorization request. Edit, delete, alter and add.

Your card network system receives an authorization reply back from the issuer bank. The issuer bank could be the actual issuer bank or a CleverIS End-to-End test solution simulating the issuer bank for your total control.

Finish the payment authorization lifecycle and let CleverIS Card Network testing solution ensure authorization messages returned by your authorization application is correct and verified.

  • Verify if payment authorization reply messages are returned as expected.
  • Add, change, and delete test case data and have complete control of the scenarios you want to test.
  • The payment transaction authorization lifecycle is available 100% and under your control.
  • Execute test cases as needed, with clean data on schedule times or on demand.