Acquirer Bank and Processors

Acquirer Banks and Processors

Acquirer banks and processors are a key component of the payment authorization lifecycle – from handling payment authorization requests to managing merchant accounts and more. Ensuring payment authorization transactions can be submitted to Card Networks, and authorization messages can be rightly and timely handled, can lead to a challenging and complex testing environment that is critical to acquirer banks and processors.

CleverIS Acquirer Bank Testing Solution

CleverIS Acquirer Bank testing solution creates a complete environment capable of automatically creating payment authorization requests for any channel such as POS, ATM, XML, ISO8583, non-card transactions sent by merchants or directly from POS. Payment authorization request data is created to perfectly take on the Merchant / Retailer and or Channel functionality in the payment lifecycle, at the speed and frequency needed to fulfill the requirements of your testing goals.

  • Have complete control over the test data.
  • Messages can be encrypted, tokenized as required for testing purposes.
  • Define specific or random payment transaction per second to identify possible bottlenecks.
  • Proactively monitor response time.
  • Execute tests as often as needed.

Here is your payment authorization application, handling payment authorization requests. Your payment application receives payment authorization requests from CleverIS Acquirer Bank testing solution seamlessly and without manual intervention.

  • Transactions are monitored to ensure performance measurements are met and payment transactions are submitted at the interval needed.
  • Alerts can be defined to identify possible payment execution test failures.
  • No manual or environment dependencies. All payment authorization levels are under your control.

Let CleverIS End-To-End testing solution generate a complete payment test lifecycle including the Card Network and Issuer Bank, creating a totally independent environment where you have control over testing data and availability.

  • Add, change, and delete test case data and have complete control of the scenarios you want to test.
  • Achieve flexibility by selecting the card network you would like to simulate, whether VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Diners.
  • Independence through a payment transaction authorization lifecycle that is available 100% and under your control.
  • Increase productivity and extend the quality of your payment system.

Your payment authorization application receives the authorization request for further processing with approval or denial of the payment authorization request.

CleverIS Acquirer Bank and End-To-End Testing solution offers a solution for all your needs – from automating Merchant and Channel payment authorization requests to providing a complete and independent test environment – CleverIS Testing solutions will help you fulfill all your payment testing needs.

  • Verify payment authorization request responses are returned with results as expected.
  • Verify the coverage of your test cases.
  • Run test cases with fresh data as many times as needed. No dependencies.
  • Let your test environment become part of an agile testing environment and deliver results faster.

To ensure your payment application has handled the payment authorization request, and to finalize the lifecycle of your payment transaction request, CleverIS Acquirer Bank Testing solution receives the payment authorization request and ensures that all requests handled by your payment application were handled appropriately as expected by your test cases.