Payment Back Office

Payment Back Office

Complete support for all your payment testing needs.


Monitor payment transactions during test or in production to ensure response times are within acceptable boundaries.

  • Effectively monitors transaction response time.
  • Monitors the availability of application services and communication.
  • Transaction load per interface and per connection.


Central control and management of financial institutions in your network.

  • Supports any card network.
  • Electronic and manual reconciliation of transactions.
  • Billing services.
  • Support for incoming, outgoing and chargebacks with VISA® and Mastercard®.
  • Transactional quality report.


Automatically generates payment authorization requests:

  • Stress test with scalable transactions per second (TPS).
  • Generates transactions for any channel.
  • Simultaneously execute several stress or load tests.
  • Define TPS, duration and how often tests should run.
  • Manual submission of stress, regression, or load tests.
  • Test quality result analysis.