Enterprise HUB

Enterprise HUB

All you need to simulate any “party” on a four-party payment system.


Connect to any external system, independently of the protocol:

  • Support of any TCP/IP socket type.
  • Support to legacy protocols.
  • Support of client/server web services.
  • Interfaces with third-party tools.

Transaction Server

Smartly redirects authorization requests with support for multi-channel and omni-channel:

  • High performance and scalability.
  • Parallel processing.
  • Independent processing for each channel, network and application.
  • Transaction replication support.


Monitor testing for automatic recovery.

  • Monitor testing for automatic recovery.
  • Automatically recovers logical faults.
  • Controls transaction engine and load balancing.
  • Ability to control process of other applications on the same server.
  • Alert logs.
  • Independent management of channels.


Powerful and agile payment transaction router:

  • Manage alternate routes.
  • Generic store and forward server.
  • Complete control of link time-out.

Supporting Tools

Additional powerful tools to complete all test environment needs:

  • • PCI support (Tokenization, non-recording of sensitive data, dynamic authorization).
  • Web interface.
  • Dynamic menus.
  • Capacity planning, FTP, calendar, currency, taxes.


Central console to monitor and manage your payment testing environment:

  • Setup alerts.
  • Environment health indicators.
  • Quality analysis and response time monitoring.
  • Transactions-per-second indicator.