Channel Simulator

Channel Simulator

Effectively emulate any type of channel without the need for third-party hardware and software.


Test ATM transactions without dependencies from other hardware and driver providers while:

  • Monitoring transactions.
  • Generating transactions of any type.
  • Support for ATM bill dispenser.
  • Support for bulk ATM transactions.
  • Support for bar code and other devices.


Test Point-of-Sale transactions seamlessly and without dependencies:

  • Any card network.
  • No POS hardware dependency.
  • Monitor transactions (volume and frequency).
  • Send / Receive transactions monitored for result validation.


Highly configurable channel driver to support international and national networks.

  • Built-in support for VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and more.
  • Support for variations of ISO8583 standard.
  • Advanced tools to support the interpretation and construction of messages.


Efficiently build channel interfaces for proprietary systems or other flexible formats:

  • XML format parser.
  • TLV format parser.
  • Fixed proprietary format and field separator format parser.
  • ISO8583 format conversion.