Faster Payments 2017
April 23 – 25, Austin TX

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CleverIS Customer Success:

Bank Falabella Chile Achieves Peace of
Mind for High Payment Transactions Loads.

Do the testing they won’t.
Get ahead of the competition.

Learn how CleverIS can help you test payment and other financial systems.

End-To-End Testing

CleverIS specializes in helping organizations test payment systems – completely and without dependencies.

Whether you are a Merchant, Retail, Acquirer bank, Card Network or Issuer bank, our solutions will create a complete payment system testing environment for your needs.

MerchantATM, POS, XML, non-card, ISO 8583

AcquirerEncryption, Tokenization, Performance

Card NetworkScalability, independence

IssuerFlexibility, multi-channel

Predictive. Independent. Agile. Complete.

Get ahead of the competition and guarantee your customer payment transaction.


Don’t wait until the next problem happens. See how you can predict payment transaction problems before they happen.


See how to create payment authorization transactions from any channel to any stakeholder in the payment authorization lifecycle.


Learn the advantages of including your payment application test in your agile development environment.


Payment transaction authorization is complex, with many layers. See how you can create an environment without dependencies or interruptions.

Payment Transaction Testing made simple.

Authorization Request from any Channel, any Card Company or Network to your Payment Authorization Application.

Achieve Independency, Test Faster, Increase Quality and Agility.