CleverIS Platform Migrator expedites the adoption of the latest technologies by automating the migration/conversion of legacy applications and preparing critical applications to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding business needs. Our team of experts use CleverIS Platform Migrator to ensure a successful platform migration.

IBM Mainframe to IBM Power I

The decision to re-platform a single application, a 3rd party solution, or an entire platform can vary from organization to organization. Common triggers are acquisitions, TCO reduction, change of vendor or simply to become more innovative. When not executed properly, the platform migration can lead to a never ending costly project.

Mainframe to Linux, Solaris

CleverIS Platform Migrator helps you quickly understand what takes to execute your re-platforming project efficiently, on budget, and on time. CleverIS Platform Migrator applies a mature, proven process that assesses all dependencies related to the application, identifies all critical paths, minimizes risks, and ensures a successful migration path.

IBM AS\400, AIX, Oracle Solaris, Linux To …

CleverIS Platform Migrator migrates entire legacy applications, including databases, utilities, and — when possible — 3rd party solutions to Linux, Windows, IBM Power System I and many other environments.

HP UX, Linux, to …

CleverIS Platform Migrator helps organizations successfully re-platform legacy applications and achieve their business goals. See how we could help you re-platform your legacy applications.

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