CleverIS User Interface Changer extends the reach of existing legacy applications by quickly introducing a new look and feel while maintaining all critical business rules.

Our CleverIS User Interface Changer solution is offered as services to provide a fast, low risk and automated modernization.

CICS, IMS to Web Browser

Mobile technology has changed the way we think, adopt, and interact with business solutions. Users are more demanding, knowledgeable and spoiled. They have little tolerance for outdated interfaces. While mainframe applications continue to be at the heart of core business applications, many represent a threat through ineffective and outdated user interface methods, such as CICS or IMS DC.

Green Screen to Web Browser

CleverIS User Interface Changer help organization’s legacy applications to quickly adopt a new interface. Legacy applications developed in COBOL CICS or COBOL IMS are interpreted and evaluated by CleverIS User Interface Changer. This automated process detects, identifies, and prepares the existing user interface for transformation. Once the legacy application information is stored in the CleverIS User Interface Changer repository, your options are endless.

CICS, IMS to Mobile

Eliminate the UI interaction from mainframe applications and adopt the best of both worlds. Use the mainframe for transaction processing and the distributed platform for the user interface and interaction.

Graphical UI to Mobile

CleverIS User Interface Changer is a complete solution that gives you the freedom to choose an interface and architecture that best fits your business goals.

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