CleverIS Code Migrator extends the life of existing investments by migrating applications written in archaic programming languages to the latest programming languages.

Our migration services can unleash a realm of new possibilities such as DevOps, object-oriented languages, mobile and cloud technologies. Our CleverIS Code Migrator solution is offered as a service to provide a fast, low risk and automated migration.

COBOL to JAVA , and more

Legacy applications written in mainframe COBOL, whether on z/OS, VMS, Unix, OpenVMS or Windows can seamlessly be converted to Java or a newer architecture.

CA-Telon, CSP, CA-Gen to COBOL

Business decisions from the past can impact business decisions in the present. Application generators were heroes when apps had to be done quickly. Today, the same code generators have created a dependency that is costly, and risky. CleverIS Code Migrator extracts all business rules from CA-Telon, CSP, CA-Gen, and migrates them to COBOL or another language that best fits your business needs.

VB to Java, C#

Visual Basic, the language of the 90s, has left a great legacy behind. Many critical business applications were developed using VB, but today we need to use more up-to-date languages with more efficient structure. CleverIS Code Migrator quickly transforms VB apps into Java or C# applications with a new architecture, look and feel.

PowerBuilder, 4GL to Java, .Net

PowerBuilder is a powerful, object-oriented 4GL language from the 90s that was very popular. Although PowerBuilder continues to release new versions, its popularity has diminished over the years. CleverIS Code Migrator can migrate the business rules built in PowerBuilder to Java or .Net while preserving database vendor independency.

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