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Transforming your world
with IBM Power Systems

Whether looking to upgrade your AS/400 platform, consolidate your Linux environment, or broaden your legacy application choices for better performance, security, and faster response to business demands

– CleverIS Technologies can help you transform and modernize your applications through a mature and proven technology.

AS/400, iSeries, System i to IBM Power – IBM i

IBM i predecessors are part of a rich, solid and reliable platform that hosts a variety of legacy applications – many of which are more than 25 years old and rely on an outdated operating system.

Are you being challenged and need to provide a more agile environment to execute your critical applications more efficiently, but can’t afford disruption?

If you are on AS/400, iSeries or System I, and are looking to increase security, performance, time-to-market or simply modernize your legacy applications, we have the expertise and experience to help you become more innovative through the new IBM Power IBM i Platform.
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We understand that there are good reasons why legacy applications are decades old. Very simple. Legacy applications are the crown jewel of many organizations because they host critical business rules that make you competitive.

However, the need to migrate legacy applications to a more up-to-date programming language and agile process is not a secret. Why do so many organizations hesitate then? Fear of disruption and unhappy customers.

The secret is how to re-write these valuable applications while maintaining all business rules and with minimum disruption. At CleverIS we are committed to re-writing your legacy applications written in RPG, C, C++ or any other AS/400, iSeries, System i supported language to any IBM i supported language – automatically with no manual intervention, minimum downtime, no secrets.
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Transform Your Commodity Linux Platform

Linux quickly became the commodity platform of many organizations – hosting databases, web applications, websites, critical business applications and many other solutions essential to daily operations.

However, a growing concern related to scalability, agility, performance and reliability has rapidly become an issue haunting IT leaders.

If you are being challenged to better control your TCO, while efficiently managing growth and securing your Linux “farm,” IBM Power Linux platform is the solution for you.

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Looking for a new platform to host your legacy applications?
Mainframe, Unysis, Unix, Tandem, DEC, and more.

Do you have legacy applications that need a new home, or a new interface?

Is it difficult to find professionals to support the language and operating environment?

Are you worried about the next failure on a un-supported operating system?

Is time-to-market putting your company behind?

If these – and related — questions have been plaguing you lately, see how CleverIS can help you transform and modernize your legacy environment by adopting an IBM Power platform… while you focus on growing your business.

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