Database Transformation

Database Transformation

CleverIS Database Changer transforms application database query language from one database vendor to another.

The database query language transformation is automated, accurate, and at significant cost savings. CleverIS Database Changer solution is offered as a service to provide a fast, low risk and automated transformation.

IBM DB2 to DB2i, Oracle

Information is king, and how you protect, secure, access, and retrieve data is as important as the data itself. Organizations are challenged on a daily basis on how to handle their most important asset – the customer data. Performance, security, platform change or a simple preference for a vendor might lead an organization to change how their customer data is stored and managed.

Oracle to MS SQL Server

CleverIS Database Changer solution gives you the freedom to store and manage your customer data on the database solution that best fits your business goals. CleverIS Database Changer uses an automated process to access, identify, and prepare all existing query language, including non-relational data embedded in legacy applications. Once this information is stored in the CleverIS Database Changer repository, you are ready to switch the legacy application to the new database proprietary vendor query language.

Sybase to Oracle, MS SQL Server

Transform database query languages from DB2 to DB2I, from MS SQL Server to Oracle, from Oracle to Sybase, or vice versa without specialized knowledge through a mature, proven transformation process.

MS SQL Server to Oracle

CleverIS Database Changer efficiently helps remove the dependency imposed on existing business applications by proprietary database query languages. Protect your data with the database solution that best fits your data needs.

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