User Interface Changer

User Interface Changer

Extend the reach of your legacy applications by adopting an interface users want.

CleverIS User Interface Changer changes the way users interact with legacy applications.

CleverIS User Interface Changer introduces an automated way to change how users interacts with your legacy applications. Technology has made end users more knowledgeable and demanding, requiring applications to be more visual and interactive. Whether your legacy application uses a mainframe green screen or an outdated graphical user interface, CleverIS User Interface Changer quickly introduces legacy applications to the latest trends, such as mobile and web technologies.

Check out our specialties:

  • Mainframe Green Screen
  • Win32
  • CICS
  • IMS
  • Web
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • and more…


How organizations introduced a 3 tier architecture model to their legacy applications


How CleverIS User Interface Changer can help your organization to quickly introduce a new GUI to your legacy applications


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