Platform Migrator

Platform Migrator

Innovation made simple. Turning off legacy platforms or re-platform entire legacy applications.

CleverIS Platform Migrator evaluates entire platforms, defines critical paths and builds an strategy to ensure nothing is left behind.

CleverIS Platform Migrator is provides an 360 degree overview of the legacy platform or application being re-platformed. A detailed overview ensuring applications, data, utilities and 3rd party solutions are correctly taken care of. Reduce TCO from costly legacy solutions and environments and enjoy the efficiency and productivity offered by more up to date platforms.

Check out our specialties:

  • Z/OS
  • AS/400
  • UNIX
  • AIX
  • IBMi
  • Windows


How organizations have re-platformed entire legacy environments on-time and on budget


How CleverIS Platform Migrator can help with your legacy modernization projects


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