Code Migrator

Code Migrator

Transform old, legacy code applications to the latest code trends and technologies.

CleverIS Code Migrator automatically migrates legacy applications from old, archaic programming languages into the latest programing languages and trends.

CleverIS Code Migrator is CleverIS award-solution that provides automated code migration, connecting legacy applications to the latest technologies. From transforming obsolete code to eliminating the dependency from old code generators, CleverIS Code Migrator effectively reduces the gap between the old and the new. Let CleverIS Code Migrator take care of your legacy applications while you take care of what really matters for your business.

Check out our specialties:

  • Mainframe COBOL
  • CSP
  • Telon
  • CA-Gen
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • C
  • .Net
  • Scala
  • Micro Focus


How organizations have migrated entire legacy applications on-time and on budget


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